GenieConnect® Webinars and Events

Join our team of home care industry experts and learn from them through our live, interactive webinars and attend our in-person events on various remote care topics.

You have the option to access on-demand webinars, book a slot for upcoming webinars or secure tickets for in-person events near you.

Remote Care Pathway for Discharging Patients (reablement)

Older male with a robot

You will learn how to empower independence and the route to proactive and preventative care

Can robotics improve independence for people with learning disabilities?

Adults with learning disability in the kitchen

Leveraging assistive technology can significantly improve the quality of life for many. Find out our best practises and lessons learned.

Navigating the Culture Shift Towards Tech-First Care

Adult home from hospital with technology

An in-depth exploration of workforce readiness, flexible working strategies, and attracting and retaining talent in a tech-first culture.

Enhancing Care Capacity, Independence, and Workforce Flexibility

Older adult care services

You will learn how to implement and benefit from remote and hybrid care.

Practical Guide to Implementing Remote Care into Your Care Delivery

Older adult care services

How to effectively incorporate GenieConnect® into your operations, integrate new technology, and foster a tech-savvy culture.

GenieConnect® Best Practice Forum png

A unique opportunity to learn from other councils and peers who have successfully implemented the GenieConnect® care delivery platform. This event fosters the exchange of valuable insights, strategies, and experiences, enabling you to maximise the benefits of GenieConnect®