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Practical Guide to Implementing Remote Care into Your Care Delivery

How to effectively incorporate GenieConnect® into your operations, integrate new technology, and foster a tech-savvy culture.

Who is this for?

  • Local Authorities and Councils
  • Care and Support Providers


General Information

As the care industry moves towards greater technology adoption, care providers seek solutions that can be integrated into their existing operational processes and delivery packages. Our experts will address operational integration and show you how GenieConnect® can seamlessly integrate into your care delivery processes. From allocating remote care robots to care recipients to working with software partners to developing a tech-first approach within your team, our experts will provide a comprehensive guide to implementing GenieConnect® and unlocking the full potential of remote care robotics.


Learn how to allocate remote care robots to care recipients and integrate them into your care delivery processes


Develop a tech-first approach within your team to maximise the benefits of remote care robotics


Discover how GenieConnect® can help you enhance the quality of care you provide while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Care worker with genie


Deep dive into the GenieConnect® Ecosystem 

The consolidation of operational integration 

  • Allocating remote care robots to care recipients
  • Integrating GenieConnect® with your existing software partners
  • Developing a tech-first approach within your team

Case studies of successful GenieConnect® implementations 

Q&A with our experts 


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