How Does GenieConnect® Work?

We provide a personalised digital companion that helps people live independently for longer. The care team manages the delivery of remote care using a centralised hub, the Care Portal, to schedule and monitor health and well-being reminders, hydration and daily living prompts. The care team connects with the recipient using video-calling capabilities, creating a fully remote care service. The companion app allows extended care networks to stay connected with their loved ones, creating a broader support network. 


Genie video and tasks

Helping the care recipient with medical reminders, daily living and wellbeing prompts and remote care calls with care professionals through video calling capabilities.

The Care Portal

Care Portal for Home Care

Intelligent insights, auditing and analytics tools to help care providers and local authorities make informed, person-centred decisions for the people they support and their business.

Companion App

The Companion App

Saving travel time and cost, allowing providers to deliver more care, attracting a new workforce and empowering more people to live independently whilst connected to their loved ones.

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We understand your challenges in the fast-paced world of local authorities and care providers. That’s why our commitment extends beyond providing a groundbreaking technology platform — we’re here to support you at every step.

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