Companion App 

The gateway to seamless connectivity, monitoring, and instant care access. Designed to keep families, friends, and care workers closely connected, our app offers secure, portable access to ensure care is conveniently available whenever and wherever you need it.

“I make a video call every morning to ensure Kimberley has woken up. Routine is really important for her wellbeing” Mother of Recipient

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Connectivity on the Go

Stay connected effortlessly from any location, ensuring continuous engagement and support, whether at home or on the move.


Video Calling Capability

Facilitate immediate video calls among families, friends, and care workers, fostering enhanced communication and enabling face-to-face interactions for better support and understanding.


Adding New Calendar Events

Seamlessly schedule and manage events, appointments, and care activities, ensuring organised and efficient care coordination for all involved.

Monitoring Responses

Monitor and track responses promptly, empowering proactive care adjustments and ensuring timely interventions as needed.


Flexible Working for Care Workers

This flexibility ensures adaptable schedules, improving work-life balance and job satisfaction for caregivers, contributing to a more effective and sustainable care workforce.


Reducing CO2 Emissions

The companion app minimises unnecessary travel by enabling some care tasks to be conducted remotely, fostering a more environmentally friendly approach and aligning with sustainable practices.

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