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Our story

GenieConnect® is the brainchild of Rob Parkes and Tim Morgan – successful business owners, entrepreneurs and engineers with 50 years of experience between them.

Both Rob and Tim have elderly parents who’ve found themselves living alone after losing their respective partners. Having seen first-hand how quickly a full and happy life can become lonely, Rob and Tim decided to use their innovation, skills and experience to create a solution – and GenieConnect® was born.


Our Mission

We are tackling the social care crisis and combating loneliness, enabling older people and adults with learning disabilities in our communities to live independently, feel more connected and with better mental health and wellbeing.

Building A Better Future

Service Robotics tackles isolation and improves health outcomes for people and planet 

Environmental Impact

  • Remote care will enable the ability to lower the carbon footprint of care providers by decreasing travel needs 
  • Our shared workplace provides the office with renewable energy, recycling schemes and smart lighting  
  • Our flexible working policy reduces the travel need for the team, reducing our company carbon footprint 

Social Impact

  • Our service will be fully inclusive and accessible for all users across all strata of society 
  • We attract diverse talent within our workforce offering internships and workforce development opportunities 
  • Our service will enable better application of limited social care resources, increase family contact and better quality of care delivery with greater transparency 

Economic Impact

  • The service we provide will benefit Care Providers through more flexible cost management and resource utilisation 
  • Remote Care will give Care Providers the tool to deliver more and better care without the increase in operational costs 
  • We will give high priority to our social and environmental impact rather than being solely profit driven 

Meet the Team

Rob Parkes
CEO, Service Robotics Ltd
An engineer and sales and marketing professional by trade, Rob has leadership experience in FTSE 250 British businesses, and spent over 20 years developing and launching products and services in the telecoms sector. Rob set up Service Robotics in 2017, to develop technology-based services that harness the benefits of the robotics revolution to ease the burden of care and help improve the lives of the British public.
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Tim Morgan
Chief Operating Officer

A serial entrepreneur with 28 years of leadership experience in the world’s biggest telcos and infrastructure providers, Tim joined Service Robotics when he saw the difference it could make to the lives of ordinary people. Previously employee number one at Orange, Tim was responsible for – among other things – helping to launch text messages.

Genie Connect
Not forgetting the star of the show, our friendly robot, Genie – responsive, helpful, intuitive, a great learner, and – above all – a great companion.
Tom Gray
Non-executive Director

CTO of Kainos Group and a 30-year tech veteran, and the driving force behind many of Kainos’ PLC most imaginative and successful initiatives.

Dominic Keen
Founder/CEO of the British Robots Seed Fund

The British Robots Seed Fund (Britbots) were the first organisation to see the potential of Service Robotics Ltd with their early SEIS investment. Dominic is himself a seasoned entrepreneur, and set up Britbots to take advantage of one of the most exciting investment themes of our time

Our Academic Partners

Our close partnership with UoG provides access to academic resources for hardware and software development, and brings real world experience to the curriculum for Digital Media and Web Technologies

Our academic partner for the first GenieConnect® pilot project in Cornwall, the University of Plymouth is supporting the project with a rigorous Ethics process and User Experience aspects

Our Awards and Shortlists

Award tech spark the good award
AXA award robotics in healthcare
Award tech spark peoples choice
AXA award innovation in heath tech
Award tech spark

Our Users’ experiences 

Take a look at what our Users’ have to say about GenieConnect®.

“It is lovely to see mum's face and she loves to see my face. It gives her a lift which gives me a lift. It gives them [her mum] a window to the outside world, specifically at the moment [Lockdown].”

GenieConnect® Companion