The Care Portal

The remote care delivery platform provides vital insights to help care providers and local authorities make informed, person-centred decisions for the people they support and their business.

Care Portal for Home Care

“The Care Portal is helping our care managers to prioritise and manage our capacity to be more effective and impactful for our care recipients and the wider community.” Cornwall Housing

The core for better quality care


The Care Portal is a comprehensive platform where the care team can efficiently manage care packages. This includes scheduling health and well-being reminders, hydration prompts, and daily living support. The central hub facilitates seamless communication and coordination, allowing the care team to connect with recipients through video calls, creating an effective remote care service.

The Care Portal insights

Enhance your business with informed decisions   

Our remote care experts understand current care challenges. Creating bespoke and targeted real-time dashboards helps interpret the data to make informed decisions quickly.


Simple graphs for clarity 

‍Greater transparency of care. Dashboards automatically populated, providing up-to-date, easy-to-access data from day one.


Exceed expectations in your CQC inspections   

Improve care quality and compliance with KLOEs (key lines of enquiry) with measurable dashboards with just a click of a button. 

Real-Time Monitoring and Insights 

Monitor and respond to your care recipients when they need you most.  


Care when it’s required 

Monitor prompts and reminders remotely. Real-time responses securely accessible in The Care Portal, from missed medication prompts to mood check-ins. The responses provide the deployment of preventative and predictive care.


Access records to aid auditing  

Collect data sets to understand trends and care needs. From monthly mood changes to increased call logs during winter. Each record tells a story and can support care recipients in understanding their needs better. 


Backed with evidence 

Easily export your customised reports to third parties such as the CQC. 


The Care Portal monitoring
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How The Care Portal Enhances Social Care through CQC Alignment

Explore how The Care Portal’s comprehensive features align seamlessly with CQC guidelines, promoting safe, person-centred, and effective care delivery. Learn how our platform empowers care providers to exceed regulatory expectations while prioritising individual well-being.

Talk to our friendly UK team today about our reliable remote care service that improves health management and emotional wellbeing outcomes for your communities.

You will learn:

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  • 5Find out how the easy-to-use Care Portal and Companion App technology works for care providers, family and friends.