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A great opportunity to take part in a business that will improve the lives of many people

Your chance to invest in GenieConnect®

There are currently 3.8 million people in the UK aged over 65 who live alone. If GenieConnect® helps just 1% of this market, we will have almost 40,000 users – and a thriving business – by the end of our third year of operations.

Reasons to invest in GenieConnect®

Solutions such as GenieConnect®, to address the market for assistive living technologies are only now emerging, and our ageing population continues to create ever increasing demand for these services.

1. The market.

There are two main areas where we predict demand increasing. First is loneliness alleviation (as the number of people over 65 living alone exceeds 4 million, with 25% reporting as lonely or very lonely) through social inclusion.

Second is heath and wellbeing monitoring and management to reduce the strain on our health and social care systems, struggling with reduced resources and budgets.

2. The solution.

The GenieConnect solution has been developed by incorporating the most reliable and best-in-class solutions in robotics, natural language processing, Machine Learning and Customer Experience Management. We have not tried to reinvent already mature solutions, but have focused on developing an exciting new platform integrating these technologies as part of a “managed service” to solve real and growing social care issues.

3. The team.

The founders have over 50 years of combined experience in product and service development and delivery, and are supported by a talented group of professionals on the Board, and externally.

We have the full support of our major investor groups, and expect this to continue as we move towards our goal of making social inclusion and remote care available to all who need it.

Our achievements so far...



Second investment round successfully closed

Innovate UK grant

Selected for interview for Innovate UK grant

Contract awarded

First SBRI/NHS contract awarded by Torfaen County Borough Council

Award winners

Awarded “Best use of robotics in healthcare” by HealthTech Digital

First software release


Pilot programme

Cornwall pilot launched

Grant awarded

Second Cornwall grant awarded

Award finalist

Finalist in AXA “Healthtech + You” competition


Shortlisted for the Civica innovation partnership programme February 2019

Grant awarded

First Cornwall grant awarded


We receive our first investment

Grant awarded

First grant awarded by I4G July 2018

Incorporated August 2017

Service Robotics is created by Founders Rob Parkes and Tim Morgan

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What we need…

In this second round we have £300,000 of investment opportunity remaining to finish our pilot operations in 2020, before the official launch early in 2021.

This is a ground-breaking opportunity with massive potential to help address the UK’s unmet care needs. And it’s a scheme that’s attracting interest…

The impact of GenieConnect® has already been recognised by a number of high profile investors and organisations. Supporters currently include University of Plymouth and other consultants with expertise in cyber security, telecare services and bio-sensing technologies.

Want in?

Investing in GenieConnect® is your opportunity to get involved in a business with massive potential to improve the lives of thousands of older and vulnerable people around the UK.


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“Robotics represents one of today’s most exciting investment themes, and the Service Robotics team have what it takes to win”

Dominic Keen, investor and Founder of Britbots

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