Improving Care Standards with CQC-Compliant Genie

Jan 9, 2024 | CQC, News |

Compliance with stringent regulations is paramount to ensure the highest standards of care delivery. As the regulatory body in England, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) sets forth crucial benchmarks that establishments must meet to guarantee safe, effective, and person-centred care. Embracing technology that aligns seamlessly with CQC standards ensures compliance and elevates the quality of care provided.


Importance of CQC Compliance

Compliance with CQC guidelines is fundamental to establishing and maintaining exceptional care standards. Failure to meet these standards can lead to repercussions that impact the care provider and the individuals receiving care.

Genie’s comprehensive features and functionalities have been meticulously crafted to align with CQC standards, ensuring adherence while surpassing expectations.

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Benefits of Genie in Achieving CQC Compliance


Genie’s multifaceted capabilities are strategically designed to address various key lines of enquiry (KLOEs) set by the CQC, thereby enhancing care provision and exceeding expectations:


Safe Care Provision (KLOE – Safe)

The provision of medication and daily living prompts ensures adherence to CQC’s standards for safe and effective care, ensuring that recipients receive timely and appropriate support.


Person-Centered Care (KLOE – Caring)

The user-friendly interface and video calling capabilities support the CQC’s emphasis on person-centred care, enabling recipients to connect with their support networks, and promoting engagement and autonomy.


Effective Service Delivery (KLOE – Effective)

The Genie Buddy system allows for broader connections, promoting social interaction—a key element in CQC’s criteria for promoting a positive and enriching care environment.


Effective Service Delivery (KLOE – Effective)

The ability to customise entertainment aligns with CQC’s guidelines, offering individuals choices while ensuring a safe and conducive environment, meeting the criteria for providing meaningful activities.


Well-Led and Adaptable Service (KLOE – Well-Led)

Providing access to local services and online resources fulfils CQC’s requirement for promoting individual independence and enabling recipients to engage in local community activities.


Person-Centered Care (KLOE – Caring)

The inclusion of daily mood check-ins and adaptability features, such as font size and colour tones adjustment, supports CQC’s focus on emotional well-being and accessibility for diverse needs.


Well-Led and Adaptable Service (KLOE – Well-Led)

The call centre feature ensures immediate care assistance, meeting CQC’s standards for responsiveness. Moreover, the recording and monitoring recipient responses aid in proactive behavioural monitoring, adhering to CQC’s criteria for personalised care.


Responsive to Individual Needs (KLOE – Responsive)

Incorporating Daily Mood Check-ins and Adaptability Features, Genie proactively monitors emotional well-being. This responsiveness ensures tailored and individualised care provision, positively reflecting responsive ratings. 

Moreover, GenieConnect®’s comprehensive data analytics and reporting capabilities enable care providers to continuously assess and improve their services in line with CQC’s standards. GenieConnect® empowers providers to make informed decisions and adapt their care strategies through detailed insights and trend analysis, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

Enabling the Future of Care Delivery  

Experience firsthand how Genie can revolutionise care provision while ensuring CQC compliance. Book a demo with our team today and discover how Genie can elevate your care standards.