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Are you a local authority or care provider focused on doing the right thing who help older people and people with learning disabilities live independently and provide peace of mind to their families?

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Our technicians will demonstrate:

  • 5How GenieConnect® will benefit your clients and workforce
  • 5How to use the Care Portal to quickly set up the team, assign Remote Care visits, and schedule healthcare checks
  • 5The simplicity of the Companion App for the care or social worker, health and social care providers, family and friends
  • 5User experience of GenieConnect® and how they use the digital companion daily

It’s our duty to help our vulnerable adults to live safely and independently while respecting their dignity. Join the revolution.

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Our Users’ experiences 

Take a look at what our Users’ have to say about GenieConnect®.

“Video calling makes me feel a lot better, seeing mum's face and giving reassurance that they are okay. I could see mum rather than just a phone call. I can’t always tell how she is with just hearing her voice”

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