Meet Genie 

Genie is an always-on, non-intrusive and friendly robot designed to be a digital companion for care recipients at home.

Genie asks me how I am feeling, and it feels like someone is present here” Margaret, 83

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Medication and Daily Living Prompts

Genie offers timely reminders for medications and prompts for daily living activities, ensuring recipients never miss vital tasks and fostering independence and routine.


User-Friendly Interface with Video Calling

With its intuitive and simple interface, the Genie Robot facilitates video calls, connecting recipients with their support networks, offering a sense of companionship and instant support.


Genie Buddy

By linking two Genies, recipients can establish a digital relationship, enabling expanded connections and fostering a more enriched social environment.


Customisable Entertainment Options

Care managers can control and customise entertainment choices like radio, Netflix, and YouTube, catering to individual preferences while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Access to Local Services and Online Resources

Genie provides access to a pre-populated directory of local services and online platforms, facilitating tasks such as applying for a blue badge or checking local waste collection days effortlessly.


Daily Mood Check-ins

Integrated daily mood check-ins help gauge the recipient’s emotional well-being. 


Inclusive for All

Genie’s display can be modified for larger font sizes and distinct colour tones, accommodating visually impaired individuals. With its versatile voice-enabled or touchscreen interface, Genie offers accessibility to all users. It includes a straightforward call centre feature for immediate care assistance.


Secure Record-Keeping and Behavioral Monitoring

All recipient responses are securely recorded, allowing care managers to monitor behavioural changes through the Care Portal. This ensures proactive intervention and personalised care adjustments as needed.

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Are you seeking innovative solutions to enhance your care provision while ensuring compliance with CQC standards?

Explore how Genie’s comprehensive features align seamlessly with CQC guidelines, promoting safe, person-centred, and effective care delivery. Learn how our platform empowers care providers to exceed regulatory expectations while prioritising individual well-being.

Talk to our friendly UK team today about our reliable remote care service that improves health management and emotional wellbeing outcomes for your communities.

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