Companionship, Connection and Support.


Always by your side

GenieConnect® is a companion robot service that uses a friendly, intuitive, voice enabled robot to offer connectivity and support to the UK’s older adults.

For an affordable fee – which includes a fully managed service – Genie can reduce loneliness, increase independence and help older people live in their own homes for longer.

Here to make life easier

  • Voice-enabled Genie answers questions and plays music and video on request.
  • Genie provides human connection with direct video calling to family, friends, carers, and friendly, knowledgeable care centre representatives.
  • Genie learns the users likes and dislikes, and provides stimulating content that is relevant and helps to keep the mind active and engaged.
  • Genie can connect by video to other users with similar interests – from crosswords and quiz shows to yoga and knitting.
  • Genie shows reminders to take medication on time, and to attend appointments for the users health and wellbeing.


Need more info?

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is personalised to the individuals needs

We’ve thought of everything

From simple set up to voice and touch enabled features, the GenieConnect® managed service is an effective way to increase independence.

Affordable service

For an affordable fee users can get full access to GenieConnect® and complete peace of mind.

Personalised set up

Our team will take the time to configure Genie to each individuals personal needs and guide you through the installation process.


Robot support

Genie is a reliable little robot, but if there are any problems, full support or a replacement in provided – no fuss, no hassle.


Safe and secure

No need to worry about the security of your personal information – Genie contains cyber security technology to keep you and your privacy safe.

Easy-to-Use for Everyone

There is no need to be tech savvy to use Genie – our friendly robot was designed with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for an older audience.

24/7 Care Centre

It’s not just Genie who will always be by the users side. Our friendly, trained support staff are on hand to support the delivery of your care centre.

Our Users’ experiences 

Take a look at what our Users’ have to say about GenieConnect®.

“It is nice to be able to speak to and see someone. The video allows me to see the user and check that they are in good health”

Care Manager

“It is a wonderful, wonderful tool”

GenieConnect® Companion

“It is lovely to see mum's face and she loves to see my face. It gives her a lift which gives me a lift. It gives them [her mum] a window to the outside world, specifically at the moment [Lockdown].”

GenieConnect® Companion

“Video calling makes me feel a lot better, seeing mum's face and giving reassurance that they are okay. I could see mum rather than just a phone call. I can’t always tell how she is with just hearing her voice”

GenieConnect® Companion

“She asks me how I am feeling and it feels like someone is present here”

GenieConnect® User

“It’s very homely. The eyes coming on makes it seem like someone is in the house with me”

GenieConnect® User

Our secure partnership

Our privacy and security partners help us ensure our solution is private and secure by design, adheres to the GDPR regulations, and perform regular vulnerability testing.