Shropshire Council ushers in the new era of Hybrid Care

Dec 7, 2022 | News, Press Release |

At Service Robotics, we are proud to be working with Shropshire Council who have developed an outcome-driven, evidence-based approach to implement technology alongside commissioned support, to deliver a Hybrid Care delivery model. 

Our research shows, on average, in the UK over 13,600 patients per day are medically fit to go home yet cannot be discharged due to staffing shortages in social care. This includes people waiting for spaces in care homes and people needing care in their own homes.

On average, 10% of daily general and acute beds were occupied by a patient who was medically fit to leave. Over the winter of 2021, the number of people deemed fit to leave the hospital but not discharged grew faster than those successfully discharged. 

Hospital bed with patient

We have been working with Shropshire Council to support the delivery of the Hybrid Care delivery model which has been evidenced across supported living; delivering prevention, reduction, or maintenance of current care and support packages. To develop this further, Shropshire Council is now embedding this approach across the hospital discharge pathways and reablement provisions. The outcomes are to relieve urgently needed care capacity whilst enabling individuals to reduce their dependency and maintain their daily wellbeing. 

A tech-first approach 


Service Robotics Ltd® is working with Shropshire Council alongside their Practitioners and Care Providers, to identify users that could benefit from using technology to help manage their reablement and longer-term care needs.

Speaking with the CEO at Service Robotics Ltd, Rob Parkes told us, 

CEO of Service Robotics Ltd

Our GenieConnect® platform has been designed to enable remote care delivery, offering valuable support for a range of daily living tasks and easy access to speak to a carer – all through our companion robot Genie.

Technology needs to be considered in every assessment before any care is commissioned or existing packages are increased. Shropshire Council’s tech-first approach ensures that the delivery of care and support includes assistive technology wherever possible and is embedded into practice when considering an individual’s care and support needs.

Margaret with Genie

Rethinking reablement

Care must be delivered differently. There is simply not enough bandwidth in the care sector to deliver the amount of care currently, and projected, to be needed. The Hybrid Care delivery model focuses on how care and support needs, including reablement, can be met creatively whilst remaining person-centric. 

Following a successful deployment in supported living for those with Learning Disabilities, Shropshire Council have extended their partnership with Service Robotics Ltd to deliver remote care to enable people to get home and release some care capacity.

Shropshire Council will maximise features such as medication prompting, wellbeing and daily living task reminders, mood check-ins and virtual care support via Genie video- calling.

Rob Parkes added,

CEO of Service Robotics Ltd

“This partnership with Shropshire Council shows how we can use technology to support people to live independently and have a more proactive approach to their care needs.

We are working with our clients to help them deliver more flexible and better-quality care to increase independence and reduce demand on our country’s health and social care providers.

Make GenieConnect® the catalyst for hybrid care delivery.

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