GenieConnect® Best Practice Forum

In September 2023, we hosted our inaugural GenieConnect® Best Practice Forum, a resounding success. Customers from local authorities and care organisations around the country came together to exchange insights, knowledge and innovation to deploy and use remote care technology effectively.  

The forum acted as a catalyst for change, where ideas flowed freely, and innovation took centre stage. Our customers shared their priorities and challenges and engaged in round table discussions that explored critical topics, ranging from technology’s role in care delivery to the transformative potential of co-production. The energy in the room was palpable. 

Several local authorities shared their transformation journeys, demonstrating how they leveraged technology, collaboration, and outcomes to redefine social care. These impact stories were inspiring and a testament to what’s possible when we work together. 

The forum was a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, and the insights gathered were nothing short of exceptional. We witnessed: 

  • The depth of discussions on implementing GenieConnect® and the cultural shift towards tech-first approaches in social care was remarkable. Your thoughtful contributions added invaluable perspectives. 
  • The discussions around co-production and its role in shaping care packages were enlightening. Your input on making care more responsive and effective was inspiring. 
  • It became evident that champions and leadership support are essential to drive excitement and innovation across stakeholder groups. 
  • Given the evolving nature of the workforce, the need for essential and innovative training and support for the remote care team was a key takeaway from these discussions. 

    As we reflect on the remarkable success of our September 2023 forum, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re already gearing up for an even more exciting event in April 2024. We aim to establish these forums as common practice in our industry. We invite anyone who wants to be a part of this new way of working, which goes beyond remote care, to join us in embracing collaboration across local authorities and care providers.