Four Reasons Why GenieConnect Is Different

Sep 27, 2022 |

The GenieConnect® solution is unique in the market for the following reasons:  

Three people with learning disabilities Kehelland Trust with robotics

  1. There are no other solutions that use a hardware interface specifically designed for the older adult and Learning Disabilities market. A growing number of solutions use existing mass-market consumer electronics platforms that make the assumption, so often proved to be false, that the service users are comfortable with using that device. This includes smartphones, tablets and TV remote controls.

2. The anthropomorphic appearance of Genie is unique and crucial to service user engagement. Feedback from our service users tells us that it makes them “feel looked after” and “comforted by its presence”.

Genie is the only solution (so far!) that offers this. This peace of mind dimension is also due to the voice activation capabilities and the fact that Genie will speak to the service user with reminders, mood capture events and, of course, offer video calls with their loved ones.

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Rob Parkes, CEO at Service Robotics Ltd

Finding proven methods of delivering some care remotely is game-changing for the care industry. By doing this, we are enabling care providers to do what they tell us they want; to deliver more and better care

Cornwall Housing turn to Genie robot

  1. During the Covid pandemic, many people were given devices that could enable video communications by well-meaning relatives. What proved to be the case is that without intensive support in the early stages of its use, it fell into disuse and was more often than not powered down, out of charge or in a drawer and hence was ineffective. The GenieConnect® ecosystem has been designed to provide this support through our own service agents. More importantly, it is a tool used by care providers to deliver regular human support – and so the success rates for usage are very high.
  1. Security. GenieConnect® is a fundamentally secure platform that may only be used by pre-authorised users, unlike mass-market video platforms. It only “listens” once the wake word is spoken for privacy.

Shropshire Council Genie Roll out