Cumbria’s Care Crisis

Mar 5, 2024 | News |

Vacancy Rates Soar Amidst Pay Disparities and Industry Competition

The high vacancy rates in social work and occupational therapy roles in Cumbria, as highlighted in the report for Westmorland and Furness Council, underscore the pressing need for innovative solutions to attract and retain care talent. Significant challenges that require immediate attention are the factors contributing to this shortage, including a lack of affordable housing and competition from higher-paid positions in the NHS and private sector.

  • Vacancy rate of social work and occupational therapy roles: 20.5% in Cumbria, compared to the national average of 11.6%.
  • Vacancy rate of care support workers: 14% in Cumbria, higher than the national figure of 9.9%.
  • 63% of care workers in the area are paid less than the current national living wage.
  • High competition from higher-paid positions in the NHS and private sector, with increasing trends of staff leaving for roles at BAE Systems, offering significantly higher pay and training opportunities.

GenieConnect® presents a promising solution to address these challenges and cultivate a more sustainable workforce in the care sector. GenieConnect® empowers care professionals to balance their personal and professional commitments effectively by offering flexible working arrangements – remote care can be provided from anywhere with an internet connection for certain care needs. This allows care workers to have more time to attend to those who require in-person care. This flexibility enhances job satisfaction and accommodates diverse lifestyles and preferences, making it an attractive proposition for potential candidates.

Furthermore, integrating technology within GenieConnect® streamlines administrative tasks, enhances communication channels and improves the overall efficiency of care delivery. Care professionals can leverage these technological advancements to focus more on providing quality care to recipients, thereby reducing stress and burnout associated with excessive paperwork and administrative burdens.

Moreover, GenieConnect®’s emphasis on minimising travel time aligns with the growing demand for remote and localised care services. By optimising scheduling care reminders, care workers can spend more time with care recipients, fostering stronger relationships and improving the quality of care provided.

GenieConnect® presents a multifaceted solution to the challenges the care sector faces in Cumbria and beyond. By prioritising flexibility, technology integration, and stress reduction, GenieConnect® can play a pivotal role in retaining and attracting care talent, ultimately improving the quality of care provided to individuals in need. Policymakers and stakeholders must explore innovative solutions like GenieConnect® to address the persistent workforce shortages in the care sector and ensure the delivery of high-quality, sustainable care services.

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