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Shropshire Council increase support, independence, and control for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Jun 8, 2022 | Learning Disabilities, News, Press Release |

Shropshire Council has signed a contract with Service Robotics Ltd to provide increased support, independence, and control for Adults with Learning Disabilities.   
Local Government Authorities around the UK seek new solutions to manage care demands and improve independent living for individuals with learning disabilities. Shropshire Council has partnered with Bristol-based Service Robotics to provide GenieConnect®, a remote-care companion service, for local care providers across the region.  

Daily living challenges can be complex as people seek to improve their independence safely. The use of conventional, mass-market technology to help support these individuals highlight challenges around security, accessibility, and service support.   

Shropshire Council Genie Roll out lady
We have a cohort of users that cannot use the existing tech devices being deployed due to visual impairment and / or physical disabilities and so finding a device that could be voice-activated, allowing this cohort of users to benefit from the tech project in Shropshire, was fantastic and facilitates a more inclusive approach for the project.
Charlotte Hall

Project & Development Manager , Shropshire Council

GenieConnect® will be used with several local care providers in the Shropshire area. Users will be able to access support, video calling and respond to daily living prompts and reminders, all using basic voice commands. The deployment of GenieConnect® aims to break down the barriers of accessibility to technology and communications, particularly with other technology devices that are challenging for individuals with visual impairments.  
Due to its adaptability and options of voice activation, enabling users with visual impairments and / or physical disabilities to benefit from the Tech project in Shropshire and enable them to have control over their lives.
Charlotte Hall

Project & Development Manager, Shropshire Council

Commenting on the initiative Rob Parkes, said:  

CEO of Service Robotics Ltd

Our GenieConnect® robots have been designed to offer valuable support for a range of tasks and offer easy access to speak to someone who can assist them. They also act as a friendly and supportive companion when loneliness is at epidemic levels in the UK and has a dramatic impact on  mental health. This partnership with Shropshire Council shows how we can use technology to support people to live independently and have a more proactive approach to their care needs.

We are working with our clients to help them deliver more flexible and better-quality care to increase independence and reduce demand on our country’s health and social care providers.

Shropshire Council Genie Roll out
During this initial 12-month contract, Shropshire Council aims “to enable users that would struggle with other forms of technology to benefit and be included in the project and achieve outcomes such as greater control over their lives. This includes daily management of what is happening and when,  improved structure and routines, and greater social contact while having  the ability to self-direct their support.”
Charlotte Hall

Project & Development Manager, Shropshire Council