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“Our vision for GenieConnect® is to turn the home into a cocoon of safety, security and human companionship”

We are proud to announce that GenieConnect® is achieving more recognition, and has been announced as the winner of the Health Tech Digital 2019 award in the category “Best use of Robotics in healthcare”.

Our vision for GenieConnect® is to create a companion to aid and assist independent living for older adults.

Average life expectancy is increasing and our objective with GenieConnect® is that people spend these extra years living their lives as fully as possible. GenieConnect® aims to do this by improving both cognitive and physical health and combatting loneliness and isolation through companionship and improved social connectivity.

We’d like to thank the Health Tech Digital Awards committee, staff and judges. We would also like to acknowledge the continuous support of Service Robotics staff and our investors who make our mission and work possible.

Our user trials are now underway in advance of commercial launch of GenieConnect® to the general public at the beginning of 2020.