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We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to help you find out more about GenieConnect and our services. If you’d like to ask us a question that has not been answered here please get in contact and let us know.

What is GenieConnect and what can it do for me and my family?

Service Robotics Ltd (SRL) has developed GenieConnect®, a revolutionary managed service to help older adults live independently in their own homes, by offering voice-enabled face-to-face human support through our visually appealing desktop Genie robot.  Our focus is first and foremost on loneliness alleviation, and secondarily on health and wellness management. 

How does GenieConnect® help care providers?

Using Genie’s video-calling capabilities, Care providers are able to conduct a proportion of their care visits virtually. For example, 15-minute medication compliance visits could be completed by a video call with some individuals. Video calling also allows for 24/7 operator-based contact, companionship, support and advice to the user. Daily check-ins using Genie’s mood sensing capabilities provides carers, family and friends with the insight on how the user is feeling today whilst maintaining the users independence.

How does GenieConnect® help the user connect with the outside world?

With GenieConnect®,  the user and their family can communicate using video calling, free of charge, whenever they wish. Friends and family or carers are able to load a companion application on their phone or tablet that allows them to make or receive calls with the user and to share content such as pictures or music etc. If the GenieConnect® user allows it, these companions can also schedule appointments, set reminders and alarms for the GenieConnect® user.

What services can the GenieConnect® user access?

GenieConnect® includes a range of entertainment services as well as information services and access to online shopping and medical services.

What other support can care providers offer?

GenieConnect® is supported by a full service Care Centre, which users can access by simply asking the robot to call the care centre, where any questions or issues can be addressed by a human agent, who is also available for companionship.

What if the user is not very good with technology, is that a problem?

The GenieConnect® robot is easy to use by either voice command or touch screen input. The user doesn’t need to be technologically savvy to use the GenieConnect® service, as long as they can speak their request, GenieConnect® will do its best to respond, whether its calling a loved one, friend or starting a radio program or opening an online book. If the user forgets the commands, Genie can be asked to show a list or links to a video on how to use its features.

How secure is the user's privacy?

The GenieConnect® robot is smart, but not intrusive. The robot only wakes up when the wake word is spoken and deals with many requests locally. Data or recording are not sent to the “Cloud” unlike most smart speakers until a specific action requires it, so the user can relax knowing that GenieConnect® is not eavesdropping.

Can GenieConnect® help with appointment reminders?

GenieConnect® reminds the user when it is time to take medication, or other appointments. GenieConnect® gives the user access to entertainment and information that can be used at the users convenience.

When will the GenieConnect® service be available?

We expect to launch the commercial GenieConnect® service in early 2021. The service will be launched through Local Authorities and Care Partners to provide social care using the GenieConnect® service. We also expect to launch in collaboration with a number of partner companies in the healthcare, energy, telecoms, insurance and other sectors. In advance of the commercial launch we have conducted a number of pilots with selected care providers and users around the UK, to test the service and get it optimised for all users. We are inviting participants in the “Pilot programme” and also encourage those interested in the commercial service to register as soft-launch partners to get their hands on the first Genie’s available.

As a Care provider, how can I provide GenieConnect® as a service?

Please complete registration form on the Availability page of the website, or contact us directly. There is no obligation on you to purchase. We will then contact you closer to our launch date, regarding soft launch partnerships and answer any questions you may have about the service.

Who can I contact if I have questions about or problems with the GenieConnect® service?

Please contact Service Robotics Ltd through the Contact form. We will answer your enquiry as soon as possible and normally in no more than 2 working days.

If your question is urgent you can call Service Robotics Ltd on 0117 428 5770.

Our Users’ experiences 

Take a look at what our Users’ have to say about GenieConnect®.

“It is nice to be able to speak to and see someone. The video allows me to see the user and check that they are in good health”

Care Manager