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Supporting social care to provide better care services, reduce operational costs and help overworked care workers

Together, we can lead the revolution for older adults to be included, connected and supported, with the power of Remote Care

Remote Care

GenieConnect® Ecosystem

Revolutionising Independent Living

Medical advancements enable us to live longer than ever


The challenges within the social care system can lead to older adults being overlooked, facing loneliness and social isolation. A new approach to social care is essential to addressing loneliness.

GenieConnect ecosystem for social care providers

GenieConnect® is the first Remote Care service for older and vulnerable adults


Health-centred technology

Preventing acute and long-term care by supporting remote and self-managed care across the health and social care sectors. Discreet in-home care, delivered through GenieConnect®, allows for video access to health services, carer check-ins and health reminders using the care delivery portal and companion application. GenieConnect® is beneficial to improve older adult reablement/rehabilitation through supporting their care needs from the comfort of their home.


Lady with Genie health check in
GenieConnect remote care video calls with care worker


Addressing social needs

According to the UK Campaign to End Loneliness, half a million older adults go at least five or six days a week without seeing or speaking to anyone at all. GenieConnect® ensures our older adults are digitally connected to their communities with a user-friendly interface and video call capabilities that is affordable and scalable.


New opportunities to match demand

GenieConnect® offers light touch remote care services using a simple care portal to deliver accessible, connected services to older adults in their homes. These services enable quality care, and improve operational and financial performance for social care providers while reaching more older adults from the comfort of the carer’s home or office. GenieConnect® removes the travel demand on carers, and delivers peace of mind, flexible working and career fulfilment.

Care worker demand mobile phone app
Older man using a Genie with care worker


Respecting the dignity of older adults

Keeping older adults home for longer reduces care demand, family worries and, importantly, respects their dignity. The GenieConnect ecosystem enables discrete care using Genie the robot for the older adult, the companion app for the family and care worker and the central care portal for the care manager.


Dedicated customer care team

We are committed to providing excellent customer care through a dedicated team of knowledgeable and approachable remote care experts. Our customer care team will support care providers to maximise the benefits of the GenieConnect ecosystem, assisting in everything from setup to second line support.

Lady in customer care using genieconnect
Companion app and GenieConnect to take water


Reassuring families 

GenieConnect® is playing a critical role in keeping families connected, providing peace of mind and reassurance that care is regularly being received. From receiving updates on medication to notes and details of visits through the companion app, it also improves transparency and trust between care providers and clients. 


Better care delivery

A simple Care Portal and Companion App to deliver accessible connected services to older adults in their homes. The GenieConnect® ecosystem enables operational teams to allocate remote visits to carers, connect with community services and automate health reminders to each user using their dedicated portal and app.

Care delivery and care support

What GenieConnect® Users Have to Say

Meet Margaret

GenieConnect® User

Genie asks me how I am feeling, and it feels like someone is present here”


  • MIncreased loneliness
  • MSon unable to visit often


  • NHealth check-ins
  • NRegular calls with her Son

Meet Michael

Care Manager

The possibilities are literally endless, we’re excited to be at the forefront of innovation using technology to keep people connected and help bring the next revolution to our sector.


  • MScarce resources
  • MDigital inequalities


  • NBetter care delivery
  • NFaster adoption rate

Meet Alan


I have tried to get dad to use his iPad for Facetime, but he struggles with all the different buttons – Genie is easy for him to use and he knows how to use it


  • MJob with long hours
  • MFeeling guilty


  • NRegular contact
  • NTrusts care provider

The Revolution has begun

Are you ready?

Addressing the impacts of loneliness and care worker overwhelm are some of society’s biggest challenges. This is not the responsibility of one organisation, but rather a collective role many industry providers can all play to shape better quality care.

Be the pioneer who wants to shape the future of care delivery

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You will learn:

  • 5How GenieConnect® will benefit your clients and workforce
  • 5How to use the Care Portal to quickly set up the team, assign Remote Care visits, and schedule healthcare checks
  • 5The simplicity of the Companion App for the care worker, health and social care providers, family and friends
  • 5Older adults experience of GenieConnect® and how they use the digital companion daily

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General FAQs

GenieConnect® can transform your business and help you stand out from your competition

Work with Service Roboticsto be part of the revolution to deliver better-connected healthcare solutions in the residential and domiciliary sector.

How will this GenieConnect® benefit my business?

Service Robotics Ltd (SRL) has developed GenieConnect®, a revolutionary ecosystem to help older adults live independently in their homes while reducing the demand for health and social care. A social care provider can benefit from new opportunities for remote care, new data sets, reduce care worker overwhelm and improve operational performances.

What other support can Care Providers offer?

With the help of the GenieConnect® care portal, Care Providers can support with additional care support services. Users can access Remote Care calls by simply asking Genie to connect with the Care Centre, where any questions or issues can be addressed by a human agent, who is also available for companionship.

What if the user struggles with technology. Is that a problem?

GenieConnect® is easy to use by either voice command or touch screen input. The user doesn’t need to be technologically savvy to use the GenieConnect® service. If the user forgets the voice commands, Genie can be asked to show a list of links to a video on using its features. We include how-to guides for the care team to help the user. If there is further assistance, we have a 2nd line support team available to assist.

How secure is the user's privacy?

GenieConnect® is smart but not intrusive. Genie only wakes up when the wake word is spoken and deals with many requests locally. Data or recordings are not sent to the Cloud, unlike most smart speakers, until a specific action requires it, so the user can relax knowing that GenieConnect® is not eavesdropping.

Can GenieConnect® help with appointment reminders?

GenieConnect® reminds the user when it is time to take medication or other appointments. The user, family or carer can set reminders using the companion app, care portal or directly to Genie.

As a Care Provider, how can I offer GenieConnect® as a service?

Please speak with a team member by booking a demo on our website, or contact us directly. We will guide you through the value of GenieConnect®, including the care portal, companion app and Genie’s features.

Who can I contact if I have issues with GenieConnect®?

Please contact Service Robotics Ltd through the Contact Form on the website

We will answer your enquiry as soon as possible

How does the carer connect with the GenieConnect® user?

The care portal allows the carer to schedule and execute Remote Care visits, medication reminders and health check-ins from the office. The care portal works in parallel with the companion app to deliver better care services on the go such as welfare and companionship video calls, and daily carer updates ahead of visits.

How does GenieConnect® help to reduce loneliness?

With GenieConnect®, the user and their family can communicate using video calling, free of charge, whenever they wish. With a companion app friends, family or carers can make or receive calls with the user and share content such as pictures or music.